Sunday, November 11, 2007


...there was a girl who wanted to know more about life than paradise had to offer. She was not just a rib-off Adam. She was a creation just as Adam, except God had more time to practise!
The tree of knowledge stood strong in the centre of the Garden of Eden. Eve was curious...what would knowledge bring to the world? What does it mean to experience good and evil? How does it feel to know what and who you are?

We all know how the story goes....BUT
Do you really believe God would get mad for us to experience knowledge? Since when does divinity get angry about sharing itself? Since when does Divinity get angry? Do you really believe there is a God out there to punish us? Do you believe in Sin?
Here is a secret:
What they call the origninal sin is pretty unoriginal.

We believe in freedom and growing. That creates new experiences, new developments. That is ORIGINAL.

Diva Eve is on a bring us back to our own paradise: the place where we feel good about ourselves.
The forbidden fruit are sweet.
Life is exciting.
Enjoy the opportunity.
Here's to you!!

Illustration by Daniel Ryves aka MacD